Auditions will be held June 1st from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  

Auditions will be open to ages 8 and up (enrolled in Level 2 and above).  There will be three auditions one for 8 years to 12, one for hip hop, and one for 13 to 18.  Please review guidelines for company membership. If unable to attend the group audition, you must have a private audition with Ms Brecia.  

Company policies:  
- Competitive dance company members must audition for placement in company. 
- In order to qualify for membership student is required to be enrolled in at least ballet and jazz. For Hip Hop Crew- must be enrolled in hip hop or jazz.
- Attendance is a huge part of being prepared for performances and competitions, so a "no more than 3 class miss" policy will be in place before the students has to schedule a private lesson.  
- Levels of competitive teams will be determined based on auditions. Team class times will also be determined after auditions.  Depending on interest there will be a max of 4 dance companies. 
- As this is the first year of RISE, our teams will only do 2 to 3 dances for competition.  We will only attend 3 competitions this year. As RISE grows out participation in competitions will also grow. 
- Company members and parents will be required to sign a contract of commitment to expectations and to the team.  
- Solos/Duets/Trio's are encouraged.  Please contact Ms. Brecia for more information about these dances.  
- Please understand that this is the first year of RISE and our dance companies.  As we grow, we will continue add more companies and classes in order to become a more elite level studio.  If your desire is to compete more than 3 times, please understand that for our first year this is as many as we can do.  I expect to grow as the studio grows.  

ADC Tuition and Costume Fees

All companies will pay a $35 registration fee. This fee will be to cover choreography that is to be set during mandatory choreography week.

  • ADC Junior: $35 a month plus $140 for two costumes and tights, due by Nov 1.

  • ADC Teen: $35 a month plus $210 for three costumes and tights, due by Nov 1.

  • ADC Senior: $35 a month plus $210 for three costumes and tights, due by Nov 1.

*Solos and Duets costume fee is $75 per costume.  
**Competition fees are TBD per competition.  



2018-19 ADC Junior


Dancearchy: 1st place & (Lyrical) and 2nd place (Jazz)

Starquest: 6th place out of 25 (Jazz)


2018-19 ADC Teen

Dancearchy: 1st place overall (Contemporary)

Thunderstruck: 1st place, 3rd place, and 5th place


2018-19 ADC Senior

Dancearchy: 2nd and 3rd place (Lyrical and Jazz)

Thunderstruck: 6th overall