Preschool and Primary

Students are required to wear pink tights with any color leotard.  Skirts are optional.  Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes will be required for recital.  Boys are to wear black pants and a plain t-shirt. They will need black ballet shoes as well as black tap shoes.  All students will be required to have hair pulled up and out of their face.  All dancewear can be purchased through RISE.

Graded Ballet

All students in ballet are required to wear pink tights and any color leotard.  Skirts or dance shorts are optional.  Sports bras are acceptable under leotard, however there should be no other undergarments worn.  Pink split sole ballet shoes are to be worn. All Dancewear can be purchased through RISE.


Students will be required to wear form fitting clothing including that permits full range of movement.  Options for attire are tan tight, dance shorts, and a leotard.  No baggy shirts or pants.  Tan jazz shoes are required for jazz and contemporary.  Black tap shoes are required for tap. All Dancewear can be purchased through RISE.

Hip Hop/Musical Theater

Students are to wear something comfortable that they can move in.  Street clothes are not permitted. Acceptable attire includes leggings or sweat pants and a t-shirt.  Tennis shoes are to be worn for these classes.