Graded Classes

Advancement is based on correct placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation – not by exclusively by age – which means all classes have a variety of age levels.  Students spend an average of two years at each level before mastering the skills to advance.  

  • Ballet and Jazz
    • Level 1- ages 7 and up, beginner
    • Level 2- ages 9 and up, beginner/intermediate 
    • Level 3- ages 11 and up, or by instructor placement, intermediate
    • Level 4- ages 13 and up, or by instructor placement, intermediate/advanced
    • Level 5- ages 15 and up, or by instructor placement, advanced
  • Contemporary, Tap, and Hip hop 
    • Level 1- ages 7 and up, beginner level
    • Level 2- ages 11 and up, intermediate
    • Level 3- Ages 15 and up, intermediate/advanced
      • Contemporary students must be enrolled in ballet or jazz.  Tap and Hip hop have no prerequisites.  
      • As the studio grows, so will the number of levels and classes.  
  • Pre-pointe can be enrolled in as early as Ballet 3
  • Pointe can be enrolled in after completing pre-pointe and also by instructor placement. 

All Ballet classes are 1 hour.  Level 4 and 5 are required to take 2 days a week. Pointe' is for level 4 and above.  

Jazz 1 and 2 are 45 minutes, while 3 through 5 are 1 hour.

Contemporary 1 and 2 are 45 minute classes, while level 3 is 1 hour. 

All Tap and hip hop classes are 45 minutes. 

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