June Fitness and Flexibility Challenge


Summer time is the best time to work on your flexibility and you athleticism outside of the classroom! With extra down time, it’s easier to find a few minutes to work out and stretch. In addition, in this Texas heat our muscles are more pliable, meaning our bodies can get more bendy faster! Try this challenge 3-4 times a week to increase stamina, strength, and stretchiness! No equipment needed, but a jump rope and yoga mat could be helpful!

Warm up:

  • Pick your favorite playlist right now, and cue up your favorite song. The longer the song the better! For the length of the song jog in place, do some jumping jacks, jump rope, or even better go outside and jog it out! The goal is to move for the entire song! This will help not only your stamina, but will also get your muscles ready for whats next!


  • Do each exercise the designated amount of times for 4 rounds with as little rest as possible!

    • 10 grand plie’s in second. For added challenge, hold for 10 seconds at the bottom of final pile’ before moving to next exercise.

    • 20 releve in first position. For added challenge, hold final releve for 10 seconds before moving to next exercise.

    • 10 push ups.

    • 60 second elbow plank alternating lifting each leg every 10 seconds.


  • Hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds working up to 60 seconds per stretch.

    • Lying Quad Stretch: Lay on one side and bend the top leg bringing foot towards you back side. Reach back and grab foot and pull towards body to stretch quad. Keep hips in alignment. Repeat on each leg.

    • Pigeon Stretch: If you don’t know how to do this click this link for a breakdown (https://www.wikihow.fitness/Do-the-Yoga-Pigeon-Pose). Repeat on each leg.

    • Splits: pick a leg to slide in front, making sure legs are turned out, keeping pinky toe on front leg rotating out towards the floor. Keep chest lifted and shoulders facing forward. Don’t forget to breathe!

    • Lying Straddle: Find a flat wall and lay down with back side of legs flat against the wall. Carefully open legs to a straddle position with heels and back of legs remaining on the wall. Breath and relax and let gravity pull your legs down to deepen the stretch.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water! Take breaks when you need to, but challenge yourself to get better each time that you perform these exercises and stretches! Post your progress on your Instagram and tag @risepac #risejunechallenge.

Stay tuned for next months challenge!

Keep Dancing!

xo- Ms Brecia

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