Dance Style Spotlight: Ballet


I hear it all the time: “I love to dance, but I hate ballet!” In fact, I think I said that a time or two when I was a pre-teen and teenager. At that time, all I knew what that my dance teacher told me I wasn’t allowed to take jazz, or tap, or modern, or anything else really unless I took ballet. Multiple times a week. What was she, crazy?!? I didn’t grasp the importance of ballet in my dance training until I was much older. It was then I appreciated what ballet not only helped me with in my dance ability, but also in my work ethic in other areas of life. Below are three of the many benefits that you can gain from regular participation in ballet classes!

Physical Benefits:
Ballet is not an easy style of dance. In fact that is the main complaint that is heard when asked why someone doesn’t care for their ballet class. Ballet technique requires you to use many different muscles, often times focusing on the smaller non-dominant muscles throughout the body. This not only creates a stronger body, but improves flexibility and stamina. Developing strong muscles also helps promote better posture, improves balance, and it helps protect your joints from injury.

Emotional Benefits:
One of the things about ballet (or dance in general) is that it is not an easy activity to participate in. For me personally, ballet taught me the importance of hard work for a goal. As someone who is not a naturally skilled dancer and not naturally flexible, until I finally figured it out, dance was hard for me, not only physically but even more so emotionally. Being in a ballet class 3-4 times a week taught me the importance of consistency, determination, and putting in the work. I cherish to this day the lessons I learned during my countless hours at the barre’.

Social Benefits:
Ballet classes provide a social outlet for students. Attending classes regularly can help young children develop their social skills. Many would claim that ballet and other dance forms help foster teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation. Ballet can also help children to forge new friendships, overcome shyness or awkwardness in social situations and reduce the fears associated with being in a group and performing in front of an audience.

Not convinced yet? Come take a few classes and see how much you can grow personally and physically!

We want to dance with you!

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