Staff Feature: Lauren Minchey

This year we are welcoming the wonderful Miss Lauren to join our staff at RISE! Hailing from Austin, TX, Miss Lauren recently graduated from DBU with a degree in Kinesiology! She is bringing expertise in exercise and fitness to our program as well as a deep passion for dance and excitement to educate those around her! Lauren will be teaching lyrical, ballet, and hip hop for us this fall!

What is your background in dance? I did a variety of dance all from my younger years through highschool, and then some throughout college.

How many years have you been dancing/teaching dance? I’ve danced for 11 years, and have taught about 2.

What is your favorite dance style? I love ballet, pointe, and lyrical!

What’s a typical Saturday night like for you? Making plans to go out with my friends to eat out or explore and two-step in Dallas, or to bake something sweet and binge watch Stranger Things at home.

What is your dream vacation? Hiking the swiss alps in Europe! And maybe jumping off some cliffs in the Maldives, but dont tell my mom I said that.

What can you cook to perfection? Banana Bread. Crunchy, but soft, melt in your mouth- mmm dont get me started!

What inspires you? People who do kind things just to show love- it makes me want to work harder in the world to love everyone well!

If you could grow up in any decade, which would you choose? The 80s FOR SURE. Think, Flashdance

What song do you know all the lyrics to? I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston.

What are five adjectives that you would use to describe yourself? Kind, Adventurous, genuine, understanding, light-hearted

Do you have any hidden or weird talents? I actually taught kickboxing for a while and even got into krav maga and ring sparring (real boxing). But that was real fun until I dislocated some ribs and busted a few knuckles. 

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share? Enjoy your dance years and enjoy being home with your family and friends before you go out into the world! People always told me there is no rush to grow up, and Im glad I really made some great memories with my dance family and friends back home!

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